We supply Aluminium or Copper Finned Tubes for heat transfer in many applications.
Manufacturers of heat exchangers and heating, cooling and drying equipment and systems in many sectors are amongst our clients.
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We supply extruded finned tubes and applied finned tubes. The fins are made of aluminium or copper. The tube (base tube) can technically be made from any material required.

Extruded finned tubes are bimetallic tubes consisting of a base tube and an aluminium or copper muff tube. The material of the muff tube also serves as material of the fins, which are formed through a colled rolling process. These tubes operate until a temperature of 325 degrees Celsius. Outer diameters normally vary from 38 mm to 82 mm. Normally the number of fins per inch varies from 5 - 11.

325 degrees is not the highest operating temperature. One of our applied finned tubes can operate until 450 degrees. Whether extruded or applied, and if applied, which type (i.e. fins wound around, wins tension wound around, or embedded in grooves of the basetube) depends on your application.

In case you do not know which finned tubes you need, let us know your application, so we can advice best.
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