Pelton Bucket Castings for Hydro Turbines

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  • 18 Apr, 2017

Hannover Messe; Hall 5 - Stand C41; Source India

Pelton Bucket Casting for a Hydro Turbine
Material : Stainless Steel
Manufacturing Process : Lost Wax Casting Process
Quality Check: 100% X-Ray Test to ensure sound internal casting without any defect.
Customers are located in Austria and Ecuador.

Come to visit us at the Hannover Messe (and try to find the Pelton bucket in our displayed robot) to see this and many other Precision Machined Castings.
Precision Machined Castings
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It was een eye catcher at our stand at the Hannover Messe. A part that anyone can relate to. A part that anyone could need, but hopes never to need.

But if you do, let’s hope that we supplied it. Because we supply excellent stainless steel castings. This is one of them 😊
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Product summary;
Cylinder for High Pressure Application Compressor Material : Grey Iron GG 25 Manufacturing Process : Shell Moulded Casting process followed by CNC Machining & Honing Surface Finish of machined surfaces : 0.4 Ra Dimensional Accuracy : 0.02 mm Geometrical Tolerances : Concentricity - 0.02 mm Perpendicularity : 0.02 mm Customer located at FRANCE
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One robot, one sculpture, telling many stories. That is what Source India is bringing this edition of the Hannover Messe.
Why? CEO Jitesh Mehta and European office director Jan Nijeboer are very clear about it. ‘Both the good and the ugly come from India. But sometimes it seems only the ugly gets attention.’. This robot is there to show the good that has come to Europe from the Source India network. The good in terms of Precision Machined Castings that is, fully machined Sand Castings or Investment (Lost Wax) Castings.

The robot tells many stories. Stories about Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, The Netherlands, etc.

And it tells stories about
• Stainless Steel Pump Impellers
• Steel Castingsfor the oil & gas industry
• Stainless Steel Castings for process equipments
• Stainless steel castings for orthopedic implants
To name a few.

‘If we are entrusted with producing castings for orthopedic implants, that actually go into people’s bodies, why wouldn’t any European casting buyer at least give us a chance to prove ourselves?’ Jan Nijeboer wonders. ‘I cannot see any point in that’, he adds.

If your company is using metal castings, precision castings, or if you are a member of the press, you are welcome to hear more about these stories.

And you get to take a picture with the robot 😉.

See you in Hall 5, Stand C41.

Jitesh Mehta ( and Jan Nijeboer (
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Source India brings you Sand Castings and Lost Wax Castings. Less known is that Source India and its partner Robusto Industrial offer a wide range of progressive cavity pumps (eccentric screw pumps) and a wide range of spare parts.

Please do pass by at the Hannover Messe, Hall 5, stand C41  to get a brief explanation and where relevant, place your inquiry.

Briefly summarized;

With regard to the pumps you have a choice between PC pumps produced in India or in Western Europe.

With regard to spare replacement parts, i.e. stators and rotors we have a wide programme of retrofit spare parts for pumps of the major brands. See

We look forward to meeting you, please drop by, before or after visiting the Pump Plaza ;-)
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Material : Stainless Steel
Manufacturing Process : Lost Wax Casting Process
Quality Check: 100% X-Ray Test to ensure sound internal casting without any defect.
Customers are located in Austria and Ecuador.

Come to visit us at the Hannover Messe (and try to find the Pelton bucket in our displayed robot) to see this and many other Precision Machined Castings.
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A United Kingdom customer came up with a fantastic new quick coupler system for excavators. A system enabling much quicker attachment changes, from ‘large bucket’ to smaller ‘finishing bucket’, then move to hammer or grapple for different tasks. Between 50 to 100 times changing is not uncommon for many contractors. This quick coupler brings huge efficiency and productivity gains in these situations, and with that maintains highest safety standards. A quick coupler second to none it was, at least on paper. It was second to none, as it was carefully drafted on the feedback of customers. But how to move it from paper to reality? Source India proved to be the right partner for turning this brilliant piece of innovation into reality.

Hannover Messe 2017
It will be an interesting sight, Stand C41 in Hall 5, the stand of Source India. A strong sturdy and interesting sculpture (sorry Robot !) made of numerous precision casted parts. Parts supplied to European customers, customers all over (Western) Europe. The sculpture has many stories to tell. One of the stories is the story regarding quick coupler equipment. In this case just under the waste line of the sculpture they are coupler castings.

Source India, and their European partner Robusto Industrial, invite you to have a close look at these parts and other parts. But more important, they wish to speak about your need for castings, for steel castings, for precision machined castings. They wish to speak to you about becoming your partner in innovation the same way they became for this UK partner.

‘The sculpture and its parts are sending a message to European buyers’. The message is; ‘Do not fear sourcing your castings with Source India in India’. You are not the first, there are many success stories. A number of these success stories are gathered in this sculpture, consisting of supplied parts to the European market.

The Source in India
‘Yes, this was the UK, but we can supply excellent castings for Germans and other Europeans as well’, Source India CEO Jitesh Mehta explains. Source India has an entire new coupler and excavator line. And yes, we want to discuss with German and European buyers in the sector.

Sand Casting and Lost Wax (Investment) Casting are expertise offering of Source India as precision machined castings because of their experience of more than 15 years, Source India is serving the European OEMs with CNC Machined Castings and forgings.

If you buy, or will buy, or can imagine you will be buying Castings in the future, Jitesh Mehta and his European partner Jan Nijeboer of Robusto Industrial are hoping you pass by. Hall 5, Stand C41 is where they hope to meet you. Surely the sculpture will provide material for a story that will catch your interest. If you are not able to meet Mr. Mehta and Mr. Nijeboer, you may contact them via below coordinates.

Jitesh Mehta
CEO, Source India
504 Rajvi Arcade, Drive In Road,
Ahmedabad - 380052, INDIA.
Telephone: +91 79 65222177
Email: -

Or (also in German language)
Jan Nijeboer
Director Europe
P.O. Box 195
2260 AD Leidschendam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 6 17520145
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Good exhibition stand staff is hard to find. That is why we are extremely pleased with our new colleague. We expect him/her/it to 'pull in the crowds' during the coming Hannover Messe.

Whatever the latest industry trend, be it Industrie 4.0, energy efficiency, industry always will need excellent castings. That is why we are proud to join the Source India team at the next Hannnover Messe, a team made out of steel (well partly then ;-)). A team that does supply those excellent castings, sand castings, investment castings, aluminium castings.

What is so special about this statue? Why should it 'pull in the crowds' into our stand (including yourself?). This statue is not your ordinary statue, it has a story. In fact it has many stories, as many stories as it has parts. Follow us on social media and/or visit us at the Hannover Messe to learn about those stories.

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Below map (source; NRC 260117/RiB/EEA) shows which water challenges you can expect based on where in Europe you are located.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) predicts that there will be more floodings, there will be more drought, more extreme weather conditions, more melting of glaciers and the sea level will rise. Being in pumps it will not surprise you we are on top of these developments. 'More water needs to be pumped' is of course the logical conclusion.

With regard to the blue area (more floods) and the green area (more floods and more forest fires) it is clear what role we can play. Are you a pump trader, a contractor of public works or have another role in fighting or preventing floods or forest fires? Please contact us so we can discuss how to use our floating pumps and i.e. the soon to be announced submersible and solar pump ranges.

The red area will also face more forest fires and will face more and more drought. This week we will be at the Smagua exhibition in Zaragoza to better understand these problems. We will speak to various people in the fields of pumps and irrigation and will discuss how our pumps can be deployed in the South of Europe better.

Drop us a note to meet us in Zaragoza. Or drop us a note if you wish to speak to us, but will not be present in Zaragoza.
Let's solve this together !
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It is not Indian, nor Dutch culture to, as a business owner, have ‘young kids’ tell you how to sell pumps. Yet that is exactly what Darling Pumps and Robusto Industrial have been doing. This January, a team of Dutch and Indian water management students hammered out an entry strategy for the floating pump line. This is a brandnew product line for the Indian market. Robusto Industrial from the Netherlands and Darling Pumps with headquarters in Indore, Madya Pradesh State, are jointly working on this market entry project.

Floating pump

The Wetskills water challenge, held at the occasion of the Vibrant Gujarat summit had positive conclusions. Much of the 3 billion USD economic damage of the 2015 Tamil Nadu floods i.e. could have been prevented by effective use of floating pumps. That was the first and possibly foremost conclusion of the Wetskills work group. The floating pump saves cost, possibly lives.

At the same time they also worked out an action plan to tackle the problem of ‘dying lakes’ in India (starting in Ahmedabad and region). The floating pump can play an important role in water aeration of these lakes, opening up the possibilities for fish farming. A very interesting new application that both Robusto and Darling had not yet thought of. Surely this will be researched further.

‘Flood relief, (Mass) irrigation in times of drought, Aquaculture/Fish farming and public utilities are the usual applications. And in those applications India has major challenges. For many challenges the floating pump is a solution’ Mr. Kulkarni of Darling Pumps explains. ‘The floating pump is coming to India’ Mr. Nijeboer of Robusto adds, ‘and it will stay in India. And that is great news for Indians. Because both in times of floods and times of drought, the pump will help the Indian people’.

Next steps

The floating pump (in electrical and diesel versions) has many advantages. The fact that it is mobile, can be deployed very fast when needed (without need for civil works), is obviously a main advantage. Wherever large amounts of water (up to 8000 liters a second, but there are various types, different in size, capacity and total dynamic head) need to be pumped at low pressure rates is where the pump is extremely useful.

The floating pump is already used around the world for flooding relief and mass irrigation projects. Applications where India has many water challenges. These challenges are now being researched. Announcements are expected. In the meantime, both Robusto Industrial, as well as Darling Pumps are available for your questions.


Potential clients and members of the press are invited to contact us for more information;

·        Robusto Industrial; / +31 15 8891817

·        Darling Pumps; / +91 99819 92838

See also for range and capacities.

For more information on Darling Pumps’ range of submersible pumps, please visit

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