Colombia and India, not countries that seem to have a direct link. For us they have. We sell and promote pumps from both countries. From India we also source castingsand finned tubes. We have local sourcing offices, run by long time experienced Indian engineers and long time partners. They know the manufacturer, they negotiate the best prices for you. And most importantly, they check quality. Below you will see currently our most important industries. And further down you will find more information on who we are. Further we invite you to send us your information request or inquiry. Because after all; It is 'engineered for you'.


Robusto founders started out as export consultants for our Indian and Colombian partners. As such we saw them achieve their first successes on the European markets. We gradually became convinced they are reliable people, reliable business partners. Now after many years we go full steam ahead with them. They have good sturdy, at times, really innovativ, products for you. And we are both proud and confident to be associated with them.

All companies we work with have a good and steady track record in supplying to Europe, and often to the US and Japan as well.


Our headquarters are based in the Netherlands. We are located close to Europe's largest seaport of Rotterdam. At the same time Amsterdam Schiphol airport is close (so do let us know when you wish to have coffee with us at the airport).

In Macedonia we have a sales office.

Our network captures the entire continent of Europe and you can find us at many European exhibitions (mostly as visitors).

Obviously Europe is where the larges part of our client base is.


Some say the United States are the land of opportunity. When we speak of the land of opportunity, we actually speak about India.

We source excellent castings, forgings and pumps from India. We do that through our sourcing offices. Why would you use us? Well, if you would find the quality sources that we have, then going directly most likely means you are offered European prices (because Indian businesspeople are very smart people). Our sourcing offices arrange India prices.

Why us; because we can still get you that combination of highest quality and lower prices.

When it comes to pumps, castings and forgings, we are confident we are a force, a source, to be reconed with.

But we also sell in India. A vast country, a huge population, a growing economy are amongst the reasons.


From Colombia we source pumps. And really special ones they are.

But Colombia is also our hub to Latin America. We sell our Indian pumps, castings and forgings in and through Colombia.

Since many years we do not connect Colombia, like most Europeans, with drugs and war (in fact we hever have). We connect Colombia with excellent engineering, smart business people and excellent opportunities in the whole of Latin America.

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